Tuesday, March 18

Christian Easter

I think you'll definitely agree that there's a difference between Christian Easter and the Easter that is conventionally celebrated with candy and a dressed up man at the mall for photos.
Not having been in the mall for literally a year or so, I ran in last week with three year old Aiden and seven year old Annaliese and we saw the pink bunny in the center court.
"Look!" said Aiden excitedly. "Can we go catch that rabbit?"
So sorry to the Easter bunny industry. My son sees a rabbit in the mall and wants to hunt it...

Some ideas for celebrating Easter and bringing more meaning to the day:

1.) Make Easter cookies. The recipe can be found here. These are magical cookies that are meant to be made as a family and teach the Easter story.

2.) Color eggs for your Passover meal. Yes, I know that rumor has it that Easter eggs are a pagan celebration, however, they are found in Jewish tradition much earlier than that. For us, Easter eggs symbolize new life found in Jesus and we enjoy the family time.

3.) Celebrate Easter morning by watching the sun rise. Yes, I know I just lost a bunch of you on this one... The rising sun reminds us of Jesus's rising from the grave. Obviously this depends on the weather.
The night before pack a basket with a breakfast. Make this as special as possible. We'll be having smoothies and croissants. Packing a plastic tarp and quilt will make sitting on the ground dry and comfortable.
Sing a song of praise as the sun rises and then eat your treats.
Coming back to the house afterward, we'll have some hot tea or coffee and something warm to eat.

4.) Egg hunt. Yes, this is probably the most unholy of our celebrations although I have heard the explanation of the treasure hidden in the empty tomb. :) For us, it is just plain fun.
We fill plastic eggs with organic candy and hide them around the yard or living room depending again on weather. The youngest child gets to start a minute before the next and so on.

5.) Go to church as a family.This is my husband's weekend to do our children's service at church. Because the sanctuary is already overflowing on regular Sundays, it really is necessary to do a separate service for the children on Easter, when there is normally a large amount of guests. Sean and I and our children will be worshiping in a special Easter service just for the kids. Can't wait! I love Easter!

Does your family have a special way of celebrating Holy Week? Please leave a comment and let us know what your traditions are. I'd love to glean more ideas!


Diane said...

I absolutely love the cookie recipe idea with all the symbolism. Can not wait to try it Saturday night!

Anonymous said...

Hello Hannah, I am new to your blog and I have been enjoying it! Thank you~

This year it was really laid on my heart to "set aside" Holy Week. My husband and I decided that we would eat a small dinner (we felt that this sacrifice, although very small in comparison) would set our hearts in the right direction of thinking on Christ's sacrifice. We spend that time together as a family talking with our boys about the meaning of Holy Week. We also read from the Bible the accounts of Jesus' last week for our family worship.

It really struck us that we don't have much to celebrate Sunday if the sacrifice had not been made Friday.

On Saturday evening, we are going to hide eggs that are filled with the items mentioned in the book, "Benjamin's Box." Then we will read the book as our boys each open up their eggs. On Sunday morning, they will find one empty egg and we are going to do Resurrection Biscuits for breakfast. I will also play "Up From the Grave He Arose" while we all sing as loudly as we can! This is a childhood tradition carried on from my mother.

May your heart hold deep reverence in the remembering of the sacrifice and great joy in the celebration of His resurrection!

Loving Her Beautiful said...

Hi, Hannah,
Thanks for the reminder -- and the beautiful background music. It's one of my wife's and my favorite -- I recognized it after the first three notes! Great ideas for celebrating the real reason for the season! They're so important in our busy world.
I'm also writing to tell you about a project I'm working on. It's a collection of Thank You Stories, to be published in a book titled I Never Got to Thank You.
I would love to include one of your Thank You Stories.
You can read about the project on my post:
If you like what you read, I would also be very grateful if you would pass on my link to anyone else you're comfortable with -- even if you don't write a Story yourself. My goal is to collect 100 Stories by March 31st, but that date is certainly not a cut-off. Everyone is welcome to contribute a Story -- or more than one!
Thank you for reading.
Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

great stuff love

Anonymous said...

We like the resurrection eggs. I looked at the cookie recipe, that is a great idea, I think we will have to try that one. Thanks for all of the great ideas:)