Friday, March 28

Baby Toes

One of my closest friends in the whole world just gave birth to a little girl named True.
Walking into the hospital where I've delivered three of our children, my thoughts went back to a hot summer day last year. My friend Rachel and I were standing in a pretty lake up to our knees, watching our combined eight children playing and splashing in the sun.
She told me she had just found out she was pregnant. I had always told her and her husband they needed another little girl.
"I keep praying and telling God that it would be so nice if Hannah and I were pregnant at the same time," she said. I laughed. Sean and I were filling out paperwork right then for adoption.
Lo and behold, here I am, large and pregnant and due a month behind my friend. God knew.
I walked (umm.. waddled) into her hospital room and Rachel said, "Hannah, do you remember last summer at the lake?"


Lynn Hasty said...

What a beautiful baby. Aren't baby toes and feet lovely? So fresh, and we know not yet to what great things they'll walk!

You will have a spring soon!


Tom said...

We are so glad you posted pictures of True. We've all been "oooing and ahhhhing." Your photographs are lovely and an inspiration to your past photography students.:) Can't wait to meet your new little one. Hang in there!!!!

Catherine Holman said...

What a beauty! I just had a baby shower at my house for my best friend's grandbaby. They named him Wyatt.

Me said...

What a sweet name, Catherine! I love old fashioned baby names!
Thanks, Cindy, for the encouragement. I am counting down the days and trying to stay busy so time will fly! The last month always drags...
Lynn, we're supposed to have some weather in the 60's this week! No more snow! We have some seeds to start indoors and our chickens should be in soon - all things that remind me it is spring.
Have a lovely day everyone!

Eleanor Joyce said...

precious story and beautiful baby