Wednesday, March 5

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Sean was up and out early to meet a friend in our district for breakfast. This weekend we'll be officially made lay pastors in our church. What to wear huge and eight months pregnant in front of 800 people? Ugh... I am trying not to think about it.
After breakfast and worship the kids set to work building their kid table into a house with chairs and blankets. I'm happy to report Bear is completely on the mend today minus some horrific gas. Just keeping it real.
A trip to the library occupied a bit of our morning.We love the library and there are a few local ones that we like to visit. Each one has its own kid perks. This one has puzzles. My two youngest are absolutely puzzle crazy.
At home I put some pot roast into the freezer for post baby delivery. I'll start doubling up recipes and setting the extra into the freezer for this purpose.
Remember that mean rooster I mentioned on Sunday? Here he is with his new friend celery, just hanging out in the crockpot.
I put a DVD on for the kiddos that they picked out at the library and set to work painting the upper half of the walls in the living room. I finally finished the walls after lunch. The top is now pure white and the bottom is light gold. Much brighter. Photos to come. Remember, I have a broken vacuum and you don't want to see my living room floor right now! It was low odor paint and the smell is barely noticeable.

I've been thinking on chocolate chip cookies all week. Made a batch today and in a laughable attempt to make them healthier used a bit of wheat flour and cut back on the sugar. They are still delicious.
Sean got home and started cracking the whip. No more sitting around and eating bon-bons for me (just kidding). We set to work on our future kitchen. I pulled out these antique square nails from the ceiling beams while standing on a desk. After that and painting, my arms feel like rubber.

Sean began unscrewing a multitude of screws from the walls., looking all lumberjack-ish and handsome in his wool coat and cap.The excitement on the home front continued tonight when Sean looked up vacuums on Consumer Reports to see which had the best rating. Sears Kenmore won out and was also best for bare floors, which we have a lot of. Happy news is that is was on sale this week. Here it is! I know, thrilling, right? If you saw my floors in their current condition, you'd understand. I am used to vacuuming daily. They are pretty crunchy right now.

While Andrew and Sean took off from Sears to a friends, the rest of the crew and I hit a few other store in the mall, looking for clearance baby clothes. All the while Aiden was crying and having a fit that "I don't want to be with you, Mama! I want to be with Papa!" I've written before on raising a strong willed child. Today was a rough Aiden day with lots of boundary testing. He's in bed asleep. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My brain hurts from trying to negotiate peace with a three year old!
Picked up matching dresses for the girls at H&M for a dollar a piece. Yes, a dollar. Funny thing is I almost bought them full price at the beginning of the winter. No good baby deals. Guess I'll have to get sewing!
Wal-mart is getting rid of their fabric section and so everything is discounted. We stopped by for ice cream and to pick up some tassel trim for some window mistreatments. A fun living room project for tomorrow.
Have a good night!


Patricia said...

So funny about you freezing dinners as I am doing the same thing right now! I have given you an award on my blog. thanks for blessing me!

Mrs. D said...

Thank you so much for sharing your week with us! I am so enjoying your posts.
DH and I had our first meeting with our pastor preparing us for marriage and preparing the wedding. As we both are from families who are not believers, it is so exiting and wonderful to find out more about what a Christian marriag is and to build one.
What will your job be as lay pastors? How exiting!

Me said...

Ah, Patricia, your life always sounds so beautiful and exciting! I love visiting your blog! Your girls are precious!
Jeannine, Seana nd i have flown by the seat of our pants as far as building a Christian marriage too. I highly recommend the resources from Family Life Today for marriage info. We went to one of their conferences a few years ago and had such a nice time.
Our church has broken the members into districts to better shepherd and care for them. We'll just be helping with the district that we live in, welcoming new members, helping oversee small groups and doing one ourselves. We've done Family Life's Homebuilders series before and are looking forward to doing it again.
Have a sweet day ladies!

Diane said...

I am so happy to be in Florida right now, but sad that I will miss your lay pastor recognition. See you guys soon!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Hannah I always enjoy reading your blog it is always so uplifting.
Good luck on sunday..