Monday, March 3

2 of 7

Day 2 of 7 in our home.

I slept in.
Him: "Um, honey, it's quarter after seven."
Me: "It is? Wow."
I was amazed I slept that long without having to get up for the bathroom.

Rotate laundry, morning glamour routine, cereal with bananas for breakfast, another load of laundry, put kids clothing away, dress youngest kid and settle down for family worship and prayer before Sean left for work.(photo courtesy of the three year old. Yes, I'm large, puffy and...large)Aiden put away the clean silverware for me while Andrew helped Sean with the chickens. We are trying to establish a good work ethic in Andrew and tagging along with his Papa in the morning seems to be helping.
Annaliese set to work on her drawing lesson. This morning's lesson was how to draw a pig.
While Andrew and I worked on big "G" and little "g" and he thought of three words to write beginning with that letter, Aiden and Ella cozied up to the table with play dough. In our house, play dough is marvelous. It occupies them forever!
Andrew's three words? Goat, got and God.
Annaliese's independent reading this morning was from the book "Fine Print: A Story about Johann Gutenberg". She finished the first chapter while Andrew and I moved on to telling time.
Finishing his morning work, he took off to play with the younger two with the play dough.
Aiden helped me iron on the facings for his Easter suit.
I sewed on the jacket for his suit for a little while. By this time Ella had begun taste testing the dough and it was time to clean up.  Annaliese and Andrew tackled the play dough messes while I filled the dishwasher.
We all settled on the sofa to read "Joan of Arc" which brought on some interesting conversations about why good people die, loyalty, and character.
I've noticed that Eleanora sits very well. I read something from a home schooling mother last year about training babies to sit still on the mama's lap and have done that with Ella.
Unfortunately, I never did with Aiden and he still has the hardest time sitting and listening to a story. I began training her by telling her it was time to sit and sitting her in my lap for a few minutes at a time, each time getting a little longer. And it worked, no magic tricks or secret techniques here.
Annaliese has an infected earing hole and the antibiotic ointment has gone missing. Off to Walmart we went for that, some baby socks, and to check out their infant car seats. Their carseats leave a lot to be desired so I'll be ordering one from
We met Sean for lunch at a favorite restaurant. Curry for me.
Stopped by the barbers for little boy haircuts but he was closed. Hit a favorite thrift store where we found a few good deals among which were "farmer" (Oshkosh) overalls in perfect condition for Aiden. His current ones have become high waters. A craft make and do book for Annaliese and a fancy brand fleece jacket for Andrew for spring rounded out our deals. The highlight was finding three more grapefruit spoons. Currently our home contains one. So we take turns. Amazingly inconvenient.
No matter what store I checked, I couldn't find any. There are some on e-bay but who can beat nine cents each for a spoon? Now we are the proud owners of four grapefruit spoons. We do love our grapefruit. The hunt for more continues...
Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.  Miss Ella to nap while the three older children played out in the snow for a good hour and a half. I finished most of the machine sewing on Aiden's Easter jacket and cut out the pants and began sewing those.
Sean came home and cut me a slice of yesterday's blueberry pie. Yum.
The kids came in at four, Annaliese settling on the sofa to finish her reading and the boys to separate rooms for quiet time.
Before Sean left for a meeting, we all went for a walk. It was 50 out today and a blessing that so much of this horrid snow has melted. Yesterday I could barely get in the driveway. Today it is clear.
It's eight now and the kids are all in bed. We've found that turning on a story tape at bedtime helps them quiet and settle. Tonight it was a narration of the Bible. I need to dig in the attic for the rest of the books of the Bible on tape for them. Anyone else still use tapes?
I've set the Easter suit aside after narrowing the pants and finishing the hand sewing on the jacket. Buttons and a elastic in the waist are all that remain.
Have a sleepy sweet night!


Charity Grace said...

Thank you so much for posting about your days, Hannah. It's encouraging and inspiring to hear how other families with small children do it. I especially appreciate the internet since there aren't many young homeschool families where I live (or older ones, for that matter).

We still use tapes. My kids love the old Story Hour tapes I had when I was little, and I actually have made my 7yo a memorization tape for school. It was so much easier than trying to figure out some other way to capture sound.

Anonymous said...

Ok just reading about your day makes me tired - don't know you do it!! You're amazing :) Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Hannah, what fun to read about your days as a homeschooling mother with a large family. I long to have more children and to homeschool, so thank you for a wonderful glimpse into your world.

Any thoughts on where you started out with homeschooling? How old your children were when you started? What types of cirriculum you used? My daughter is 4 years old. Sorry that is a lot of questions! Feel free to email me
the answers when you have time.
themaddoxs @ verizon. net


Andrea said...

Lovely day!!

Becky said...

Hannah, I'm new to your blog, but I love reading about your daily life!
And you reminded me that we have the entire Bible on tape (NLT) that my DH played oboe on for the background music. Must dig it out and play it for my girls at night! :)

Me said...

Charity Grace, I was curious so I looked on ebay. There are actually a lot of story tapes available and a lot of bidders on many of them. I though our listening to tapes was a stone age event! Guess we're not alone!
Kate, you know it is only because God gives me grace that half of everything I intend to do actually gets done!
Brandy, I'll gladly answer any questions! I'll email you later.
Andrea and Chinamama, thanks for stopping over!

Leigh Ann said...

As part of my son's therapy he has to listen to things on tape. I make him some tapes to listen to. Through them he has learned emergency information, Scripture, creeds and poetry. What kind of Bible tapes do you have if you don't mind me asking?

Becky said...

Hannah, what is the drawing book Kaelin is using to learn to draw pigs? I have seen those books before and would like to get some for my oldest daughter!

Me said...

Hi CHinaMama,
That one in particular is How to Draw Animals by Barbara Soloff Levy. Kaelin has always had a knack for drawing and I started picking them up whenever I came across them at the thrift store.
This one:
also looks really cute.
Hope this helps you find a good one!