Monday, February 18

To Grandmother's House We Go...

We packed up early yesterday morning, kids and food and a cooler, my knitting and a lovely book on cd and a new GPS to guide us. My grandmother lives about three and a half hours away, close to NYC and close to Whole Foods, which we always visit when we visit her.

Children played, napped, and as the journey ended, the littlest one got her toes tickled by me as a last effort to keep her calm. It worked. Thankfully.

Grandma had a big bowl of fruit salad and another of vegetable salad waiting with peanut butter cookies fresh from the oven for dessert. From the cooler, we brought peanut butter and honey sandwiches on this bread and juice boxes, the rare thirst quenching joy of our children.

Great Grandma let Ella blow out the candles after lunch. It wasn't working so well. Every time she blew, her bangs flew up in a little puff but the candlelight remained!

Ella was quite puzzled.

Grandma thought of this.

As you near the place where Grandma lives, stone walls rise out of the hillsides running in circles and leaping up the mountainsides. I pity the farmers who once tried to farm here. Her home is built on top of bed rock, surrounded by beautiful stone walls and terraces my Grandfather built before I was a little girl. My children discovered, just as I had as a child, the wonder and joy of running the walls and hiding in the root cellar chiseled into the stone.

Grandma was full of surprises, with coloring books and watercolors for the children. And then - marshmallows for the fireplace.

We had a lovely time visiting, stopped by Whole Foods on the trip home, and settled the kids into bed by eight o'clock, collapsing with sushi delights from Whole Foods and Sense and Sensibility on youtube.

Hope your Sundays were as blissful.


Mrs. D said...

Thank you for sharing your Sunday! I always enjoy your pictures so much. After church on Sunday we spent almost the whole day making the invitations for our up-coming church wedding in June (yeah - finally!).

Me said...

Jeannine, is it common in Germany to have a civil wedding and then a church wedding? I'm not familiar with the marriage customs. How exciting to be planning a church wedding! Did you make the invitations on the computer or by hand? I've always wanted to learn calligraphy!

Lynn Hasty said...

Thanks for taking us to Grandmother's house. ~:-D I love the pictures of your little one getting to put out the candle.

I really appreciate being able to visit our Whole Foods so frequently. I hope you got some good things on your visit to WF.


Mrs. D said...

In Germany a civil wedding is mandatory. Only after the civil wedding may couples have a church wedding. Many people, however, have both weddings closer together than we do. The civil ceremony itself is not very special, although they try their best. It just takes 20 minutes.
I am so looking forward to our church wedding :). We have our first appointment with our pastor in two weeks and this Thursday we meet with the restaurant where we will have the reception.
We made the invitations on the computer. On the front is a picture from our civil wedding, showing our hands with the rings. It's black and white now and only the rings are in their original color. I'll post it to my blog in a few days when most people will have their invitations :).

Leigh Ann said...

Made the bread today. I turned out so well. My son kept calling it the yummy bread.