Sunday, February 24

A Sabbath Afternoon

It is a Sunday afternoon with the winter sun pouring in the windows.
The house is quiet and CLEAN! I love a clean home, don't you? There is something so peaceful about sitting quietly with the laptop by the wood stove, Douglas working nearby unscrewing his play rifle to see what's inside, Kaelin playing a game, and the two littles up sleeping in dreamland, all with the plank floors shining and smelling slightly of wood oil.
Friends are coming over for food and sledding and soon the peaceful quiet will turn into the happy buzz of conversation and laughter of childhood silliness over caramel corn and cheesecake brownies and tapioca pudding. Because you see, I had a horrible sweet tooth this morning and baked endless sweet things along with our oven fried chicken (which turned out to be duck!) and baked potatoes.
Sean brought the oldest two to church today. We all went last night and Sean was teaching our children's church again this morning. The two littles and I buzzed away happily in the kitchen because nothing is so much fun as pouring and mixing and tasting in a clean sunny kitchen!
I'll try to take lots of photos this afternoon and post them here for your enjoyment!
Have a blissful sabbath afternoon!
SleddingFree rides are great, especially uphill ones.

A sad boy whose legs were tired after too many treks uphill.

My lovely friend Rachel and a small one on her back.

Part of the amazing view.

A cute kid, not mine, but awful cute.

View. That small black blip in the middle is our son with the tired legs.

Handsome man of mine.

Right now our dog Bear is collapsed at my feet in dreamland. She chased every sled down the hill and then ran back up again. I need some of her energy!


Lynn Hasty said...

Pretty pictures! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time together.


Anonymous said...

Kids church always makes me collapse at Sandra's feet to. I didn't know sean did the same......wait....did you say bear.....?

Mrs. D said...

This sounds and looks like a wonderful day! I wish we had snow too, but here spring seems to be on its way. We went hiking on Sunday and didn't really need jackets in the sun.

Me said...

Oh, Jeannine, I am wishing so hard for spring! We're pretty ,much guaranteed another month of heavy winter here. It is blizzarding again this morning....
Lynn, It was a fun time!
Sam, I don't even know what to say.... It's too early for me to think of witty comments.