Wednesday, February 20

Our family has made a habit of borrowing books from the local library before long road trips. We've enjoyed a large amount of beautiful, interesting books on trip to Boston and Cambridge and N. Carolina and different points in our state. It makes the time go by so much quicker, entertains everyone in the van and usually provides topics for discussion, whether between Sean and I or with the kids.
As we were driving down to my grandmother's stone house this past weekend, one quote from the story we were listening to seemed to hang in the air and really made me think.
"You give people God."
There it was, spoken in the story to a retired parson by an elderly friend speaking of the importance of his vocation.
"Would or could anyone say that about me?" I thought.
That is our main job as Christians, isn't it.
Now this might be an easy and resounding "yes" for some of my blog friends as they are in the public position of pastor, but what about you and I, the rest of us who work other jobs?
And then I thought that if we call ourselves Christians, willingly tag ourselves with that label, then we give people some sense of God everyday, whether we are aware of it or not.
If we snub someone or act uncaring, we are giving them that view of the God that lives within us. If we lay accusations on their shoulders, we give them the view that God is critical and judgmental. But what an opportunity we have to give people God in our daily habits and interactions! A genuine loving, compassionate and forgiving God!
For me as a mother, do I give my children a correct view of God everday as we go about our doings? Do I reveal God's heart to them? How do I portray God to them? What impact does my voice, my tone, my behavior, my forgiveness and helpfulness make?
Do I give the librarian God, the grocery clerk, the post lady?
It's a meaty thing to think about.
Do you give people God?


MamaBirdEmma said...


That is food for thought and I am ashamed to say that I fall very short of giving people God every day!

Thank you for the reminder!

Leigh Ann said...

Excellent thought! Thank you for sharing. The picture you have is with the post is just adorable.

Charity Grace said...

So true. I have been mulling over similar thoughts. I want my children to see something real in my life so they will want it too...and that goes for a watching world as well.

Patricia said...

How enlightening... something we should always think of before we act or speak. Thanks for a wonderful post. I was also so touched by your sweet words about the new little one you are carrying... your words brought back my memories of pregnancy.... beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Hannah ~ very thought-provoking!

Diane Shiffer said...

wouldn't that be a lovely epitaph..

"She gave people to God."

Me said...

Emma, I still can't stop thinking about that quote and I'm hoping it is influencing me positively every day...
Leigh Ann, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. So kind of you. The photo was from last fall up at camp (hence the dirty fingernails!) when the butterflies were sluggish and allowed the kids to play with them.
Charity Grace, aren't children such a great motivation for being a better person? Mine make me more and more aware of my shortcomings.
Patricia, I can't wait to see more on your new little girl. I've been watching the updates anxiously, so excited for you. I cannot wait until we can adopt!
Thank you, Melissa, for stopping by! How kind!
Persuaded, that would be a wonderful epitaph to strive towards!