Friday, February 1

My fake oilcloth table cover

This old farm table came with our previous home and when we moved we brought it here, thinking that with a houseful of kiddos and friends, there's always a need for more seating.
After a frustrating bout with a $40 AC Moore kids pine table set that kept breaking and falling apart, Sean cut down the legs on this oldie to kid height for me. But the top is atrocious. Absolutely terrible. We've always kept a cloth on it but how practical is that with kids eating, coloring, painting and cutting on it all the time?

Let me interject here to say that the British have some beautiful oilcloth. A lot of beautiful oilcloth but I am not about to spend $20 a yard plus cross the ocean shipping to get some.

Instead I spent .97 a yard for some thin clear vinyl, found a remnant of cowboy/cowgirl fabric in my stash, and called my husband at work to ask where the hammer stapler was kept.
I cut a piece big enough to leave a few inch overhang on each side.
And then the same with the vinyl.
Folded them under a few times and stapled. Weak staples so I sent a small one after a hammer so I could hammer them in the rest of the way. Thumbtacks or nails or sticky backed velcro would also work.


Niki said...

great idea!

Lynn Hasty said...

Hannah, that is a great idea. My boys (and girl) would have loved that!


anya* said...

oh i seriously love this idea! i saw your kids table this week as i was poking around your blog and thought that i needed a kids table also! i found an above average height wooden coffee table with little carvings on the side, for 2.50, at the salvation army, but the top is also not pretty. i just put a pretty table cloth on it thnking i would need to keep a look out at garage sales for more- but this is much more practical. love it. i also picked up two little chairs for 5 bucks a piece which unfortunatly have some poorly painted pink and purple roses on them so i will need paint those. oh i am so excited for this poject now that you shared this table covering idea! thanks.
(gee, i feel like a wrote a book here..)

mama k said...

what a great, creative solution! and I bet it looks way cuter than the AC moore version too.

Me said...

I'm glad you've all enjoyed this project! Anya, what a great idea using a coffee table is! I love, love, love finding useful things at the Salvation Army! I'm thinking about painting all of our children's chairs too so they look more uniform.

Andrea said...

That is so pretty!! Good work.

~ Shannon said...

Too adorable! What a simple project, but what amazing results!

Yours in Christ,

MamaBirdEmma said...

I've tagged you for a meme, Hannah!

Clare Cullen said...

I don't know how to thank you for this terrific cost-effective creative idea! I was so disappointed with the oil cloth designs available - now I have endless possibilities! Thanks again, Victoria Cullen, Benicia, CA