Sunday, February 10

Mmmm.... Bagel Love (with a recipe)

The latest pregnancy craving is bagels. Definitely not the frozen kind and not even the fresh from the bagel place ones could suffice. I wanted organic flour in mine. I wanted to manhandle the dough, roll it, poke my finger through to make a hole and watch them float in the boiling sugar water.
So I did.
My recipe is adapted from an Emeril one. No, I don't feel at all bad claiming it as mine because his, which you can find on food tv, has assorted "extra" ingredients and appliances listed which never make it into the recipe or directions.
Please begin the night before for time's sake.
1. Mix in a large bowl or the mixing bowl of your stand mixer 4 cups of warm water and 10 tsp of yeast. Not a misprint - that is ten tsp, equal to about 4 packages if you use that kind of yeast.
2. Add in 6 tbs of sugar and 4 tsp salt. Use good salt. It makes a difference. And not the kind with iodine it. Not so good for you.
3. Now with your mixer or strong right arm stirring, add in 10-12 cups of flour, a wee bit at a time. You are aiming for a thick, tacky dough. Not sticky. Sticky is not fun.
4. Put it in a BIG greased bowl, cover and place in your fridge overnight. My bowl was not quite big enough and I opened the fridge to a dough monster hanging over the edges of the bowl.
5. In the morning, turn your dough out and cut it into 24 equal pieces. Mine must not have been equal because I got 22 pieces. Oh, well. Gently roll each one into a ball and poke your finger through the middle, stretching the opening a bit to make the sides around it as even as possible.
6. Let your bagels rest in a warm spot for 20 minutes. They will look smaller than you think they should.
7. Fill a large saucepan with water and 3 tbs of sugar and bring to a boil. Preheat the oven to 400. Grease your baking pans.
8. After the twenty minutes is up, drop a bagel into the boiling water, flipping it after thirty seconds. I used a spatula to move it from the water to the baking sheet. After the baking sheet is full, place in the oven for about thirty minutes. Every oven cooks differently, mine cooks horribly uneven, so watch them towards the end and rotate if needed.
The bagels stuck to one of my pans and not to the other. Next time I'll sprinkle a bit of cornmeal on them before placing the boiled bagels....
Voila! Bagels. Enjoy!


Lydia said...

I've got to try this! I love bagels, and those are some of the best looking ones I've seen.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lydia, I am a stay at home daughter...and you have a lovely blog!

Me said...

Lydia, they are good and easy so do make them. I'm sure you'll enjoy the making and the eating!

lindsay edmonds said...

Wow! I am impressed. My husband loves bagels and has been asking for them. What kind of flour did you use? You mentioned organic...but did you use whole wheat or white? I would love to try it...and my husband would be so blessed!

Eleanor Joyce said...

You know, I think I'm going to quit web surfing right now and go make a batch. My kitchenaid can't handle 10 cups of flour, so I think I'll try a half batch.

C said...

Mmmmmm - MMMMM! I make our own whole wheat bagels, and nothing compares. Now I'm going to have to get a batch rolling for tomorrow.

Me said...

Lindsay, I used organic unbleached white. I think the white wheat kind would work great too. It is a whole wheat blend that is ground finer and works better in breads.
Eleanor, I did double the recipe for our family so we'd be able to enjoy them for more than one morning. I think it would be great to do a whole bunch one day and freeze some.
What kind of flour do you use Christine in your whole wheat bagels? Is it entirely whole wheat or a combination? Just curious for next time...

Eleanor Joyce said...

Ok, I made these - dough last night and baking this a.m.! I used 1 cup whole wheat, and the rest unbleached (1/2 batch) they turned out good - maybe just a little bit too hard on the outside. If you've any ideas how to prevent that do say! I've never made bagels - just seemed like it would be too complicated, but this was

Anonymous said...

Hannah, thanks for the easy recipe, also, once you put them in the boiling water and flip after 30 seconds how long do you let them boil on the other side, is it 30 seconds each side then remove? I am guessing if you want to vary the recipe you could add whatever different ingredients you prefer, blueberries, cinnamon, raisins etc. thank you for all your great suggestions!

Me said...

Hi Eleanor! I don't know what made yours hard on the outside. Hmm... maybe being baked too long?
yes, Kim, about 30 seconds on each side works great! Sorry I wasn't specific on that!

mama k said...

mmm I have to try this. I linked back to you a couple times today... :)

Anonymous said...

Yum! I've made these three times now, and I'm in food-love!

First I only made half a batch, because (a)I'm single, and (b)the one time I'd tried to make bagels in the past, they didn't rise right and were terrible. But it was SO yummy I had to make more!

I got 25 instead of 24 the second time, which was perfect - I ate the spare in the taxi to the airport, gave half a dozen to the three households that hosted me for Christmas, and ate the other half-dozen for my own breakfasts 6 of the mornings I was away from home since, for various reasons, I didn't usually eat breakfast with my hosts.

Now, with the third batch, I got creative. In addition to a couple cups of bread flour, I've started substituting a few cups of whole wheat flour and a cup or so of wheat germ. I mixed in some other things while I shaped them, with cinnamon-raisin turning out the best, and some chopped dried berries from Nuts Online also turning out well. This latest batch should last me a few weeks, because I didn't share so much of it ;) but a few are going to be gifts. They're that good!

Anonymous said...

Just taught my friend to make these. SO good! We couldn't get them to not-stick to the pan. I've used just-oil before, and we tried oil with cornmeal, then with flour, finally we used parchment paper and that worked like a charm. (We greased the paper too, just to be safe!)