Saturday, February 9

In a snowstorm

What do you do in a snowstorm?

Sit by the fire with a cup of tea? Bake cookies with the music turned up and the kids gathered round in aprons from Grammie?

Browse eBay? Read a book?

Bribe your daughter with a fur so she'll go outside and let you take her picture? Why not?

Just kidding, actually. No bribery was necessary.

The fur was just an added bonus.

It all felt very Narnia-ish, what with the fur and red cheeks and snow falling.

And ice crystals.

Yes, the ice crystals made it especially Narnia-ish.

Now inside by the fire and her cuddled with a Jean Stratton Porter book, we're much warmer, thank you. Much warmer.


This Journey of Mine said...

I love reading your blog. The music, the pictures you take, and the way you write. When I check in on your blog, I feel peaceful!

Me said...

That is a very sweet compliment, thank you. said...

Absolutely beautiful photos! Talk about cold weather... the high here for tomorrow is only 4 degrees! When it's that cold, you can usually find us baking muffins, reading a book, or watching the birds out back on the feeders =) Perhaps that's what we'll be doing tomorrow!

Andrea said...

Lovely. :)

Lynn Hasty said...

Enjoyed the visit to Narnia! Lovely pictures.


Mrs. D said...

Beautiful pictures! We haven't had any snow to speak of so far... During inter I always miss living in Norway where we had so much snow.

Edi said...

Beautiful pictures!

Out walking yesterday, there was a little "waterfall" on some rocks and the water was frozen into ice. Dd said "it reminds me of something but I'm not going to tell you." Later she let me in on the secret, "Narnia".

Me said...

Brrrr... On my Mind! Your weather makes it sound like a heatwave with temps here in the mid 20's. It is blizzardy out again this morning.
Our youngest was up all night and I'm attempting (with a heavy emphasis on attempting) to make bagels for breakfast.
Thanks, Andrea! I love your hat in the photo BTW.
Thanks too, Lynn...
There was no snow in most of Germany last year at this time as I remember Jeannine. We considered it our good fortune as we were able to walk around all the castles and cities without completely freezing!
Edi, how beautiful your waterfall sounds!

Niki said...

Lovely pictures, which Porter book? She's one of my favourites!

Me said...

She's reading The Magic Garden. And she's seven. I have such a hard time finding books long enough to keep her attention but with appropriate content.

JuJu's Place said...

Such beautiful pictures! Your blog is so inspiring for me to remember the little simple things! Many blessings to you!

~ Shannon said...

How perfectly lovely! It's been in the upper 60's here in Florida, so I'm rather envious of your snow (it's alway whiter on the other side of the country...).

How wonderful that your daughter loves to read, and isn't daunted by longer books. She looks so lovely in the photos -- I agree about the "Narnia-ish" quality!

Yours in Christ,

Me said...

Thanks, JuJu for stopping by!
Shannon, I'm envious of your weather. It is eight here this morning. I agree that our daughter is lovely. We are so thankful for her in our lives!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Hannah,
Such beautiful pictures! I *love* the simplicity of it all.
Have a blessed day with your family,