Thursday, February 14

How do I love thee, let me count the ways

Sean, you are a wonderful provider
You have such a great love for your children
You are always ready to laugh with me
and encourage me
You let me have my crazy ways (like photographing a breakfast table)

you are sweet to me

you lead our family spiritually, praying for everyone each morning before you leave for work

you indulge my crafty decorating,
letting me arrange the living room three times in one week if I like

you're pretty darn hot too

indulging me with lots of children

I love you so much, Sean! Happy Valentines Day!


Lynn Hasty said...

How very sweet. Good men don't grow on trees! ~:-D

I love the Valentine decor. So pretty!


Diane said...

See! When you put God first, this is what you get. Love you guys!

Andrea said...

So very lovely!! Love the photos and words.

Me said...

I feel very blessed to have Sean, Lynn!
Love your, Diane, hope your Valentines was special! See you on Friday!
Thanks, Andrea!

Anonymous said...

i love sean too... not like u of course but you know what i mean