Sunday, January 27


I'm not a Southern Baptist and our church employs an awesome youth pastor, but this sermon from the Southern Baptist Convention hits some things right on and is exceedingly thought provoking.


Tom said...

Wow is right. Our family just listened to this message. Thank you for posting it. We are not Southern Baptists but we do practice the principles set out in this sermon. Listening to this as a family gave us an avenue for further conversations with our children. Sometimes I am so weary with shuttling my teenagers everywhere and planning their social times. I am tempted to think "wouldn't it be great just to drop them off at the church and let someone else do a Bible study with them and bus them off to go skiing."(or whatever activity they are doing) Praise God for being reminded of parental responsibility vs. church responsibility.
Thanks again for the post.
Love to your family,

Me said...

Cindy, I love the principles laid out in this sermon! Your family is one of my all time favorite families and I completely love and respect the wonderful job you and Tom are doing raising your girls!
I see the need for pastors targeting youth in that so many teens have parents that are out of the picture or unbelievers. It's an unfortunate necessity.
Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing this article to our attention. The pastor deserves a hearty Amen, for having the fortitude to stand up for what he believes. We are so grateful to have this as a way of reaching others regarding what once was a way of life. How far we as a people have strayed. It warms my soul to know there are others desiring a more biblical approach, it is so easy to, as Cindy said, grow weary and look for a easier way when raising many teens. Thank you for all your wonderful insights.