Sunday, January 13

Some sewing

Miss Eleanora in her Sense and Sensibility regency dress done with 3/4 sleeves. The pantaloons were a quick ten minute before church sew this morning.
This is the photo before she realized I was holding a camera, still wondering why Mama stood her on the table...And this is the sweet photo after she realized I was taking a photo and broke out into her goofy irresistible "cheeeeeese" grin.

I could just eat her up.


Katie said...

Adorable!! Hope this comment whole page is in Romanian haha :) Miss you all and love you!

Me said...

Thanks Kate!

Lynn Hasty said...

What a sweetie!

Your sewing is beautiful.


Renee said...

I sure wish I could sew a cute little dress like that. I do a little sewing, but it's not the best. I started a dress a while back for my little girl, but I never finished it

Your sewing projects do inspire me to get out my sewing machine and maybe try to finish the dress and I also would like to make some new slip covers for some pillows that I have.

Your daughter is super cute!

Patricia said...

Love the dress... and what a beautiful model! Sense and Sensibility patterns are so lovely. Your old house is wonderful!! wow!