Thursday, January 31


"You cannot make your children love the Bible, I allow. None but the Holy Ghost can give us a heart to delight in the Word. But you can make your children acquainted with the Bible; and be sure they cannot be acquainted with that blessed book too soon, or too well.
A thorough knowledge of the Bible is the foundation of all clear views of religion. He that is well-grounded in it will not generally be found a waverer, and carried about by every wind of new doctrine. Any system of training which does not make a knowledge of Scripture the first thing is unsafe and unsound." John Charles Ryle in the The Duties of Parents
I was struck tonight by the thought that as parents and as a society we value television shows or activities that teach our children their ABC's or manners or give us ten minutes of quiet to take a shower. The last time you were with a group of Moms and the subject was children did anyone mention what their son or daughter had been learning from the story of Joseph in the Bible or about Esther's braveness? Or was it centered on a children's show teaching their kid not to bite or a latest Disney obsession?
When is the last time you saw little boys acting out David and Goliath? When was the last time you saw little girls pretending to be Cinderella? Which do you see more often?
We teach what we value and what we put in front of our children to learn about tells them what we value.


Anonymous said...

Good children's latest craze, however, is acting out Christian's journey from Pilgrim's Progress. : )

New Mom said...

Elon isn't acting out much of anything yet [except tantrums!] It will be fun teaching him lessons on the great figures of the Bible. I am, however, very thankful to be able to put on Baby Einstein while I'm trying to prepare dinner!

~ Shannon said...

What an excellent point! Children soak up whatever is put in front of them -- whether it's Solomon's proverbs or Power Rangers. Thank you for such an excellent reminder!

Yours in Christ,

Robbyn said...

True! I have friends who used their TV only for twice-a-week movie viewings (chosen from their own video collection), and they daily had family time where the scriptures were read. Their kids would often stage re-enactments of the Bible stories. One day, everyone was outside, and the parents saw the kids (there were 5 at that point) carrying broom handles upon which was supported an empty box, and they had paper tubes and were blowing and blowing them, marching around and around the house. The parents said to each other "oh, look, they're playing Joshua at the city of Jericho!" and smiled and watched. Until, after the kids had made more and more revolutions around the house, they both looked at each other and said "HOW many times have they marched around it, do you think??" And then laughed, but told the kids they needed the house still standing and encouraged them towards ANOTHER story to!