Friday, January 25

Nesting = Sewing

A few new projects are finally finished, awaiting warm weather. I need warm weather. Need.This summer dress for Kaelin made out of a thrifted vintage sheet. I fell in love with the border.
Another 1940's skirt in modern embroidered fabric. I made it this time with a drawstring waist. Still dreaming of a waist. Right now I have the opposite of one.Remember this pattern I was drooling over a while ago on etsy? I bought it and made this linen blouse last night. It was amazingly easy for being a vintage pattern minus the hard part of trying to pin darts with a nineteen month old crawling into my lap. I made view D and widened the back pattern piece about two inches and added a back tie. Still thinking post baby body...

This Simplicity 2122 was very simple. I used up some vintage mother of pearl buttons from my stash. None of them are the same.A little tiered skirt for Kaelin with embroidered pockets which reminded me of our MA vacation last summer. We stayed in a house on this little island down by the cape with lighthouses and quiet beaches. I want warm weather and I want to go back!
No pattern needed for this kind of skirt. Just figure out how long you want it, divide by three to get the length for each tier. Make each successive tier wider than the one above it, gather and sew!

These overalls are from a vintage pattern that I am pretty sure came from my Mom. I had the seersucker and then after cutting out realized hwo easily dirt will show on the knees and backside. Hopefully my addition of vintage quilted hearts will help. These are for Catherine this summer as she runs along the beach in a white fluffy sunbonnet chasing seagulls.


mama k said...

oh how lovely! You have been busy. I especially love the blouse with the different buttons! Must find that pattern...

New Mom said...

My goodness, you sew, bake from scratch, homeschool, and renevate centuries old homes... what talent! BTW, I really like the blouse with the assortment of m-o-p

Sarah M said...

Your projects are lovely! I especially love the little heart on the baby outfit! How cute. You said the embroidery is on a skirt--can you do a 'whole' picture of that skirt, if you have time, I can sew best when I see something and was thinking it was a style I would like!

Sarah M said...

oh I forgot to mention--
That shirt with the mother of pearl buttons was So cute-- it looks like something you'd buy in a boutique with the pattern/buttons you chose!

Unknown said...

Hannah, you are very productive when nesting! Wow! both those blouses will be lovely during 'nursing season'! I, too like the mismatched buttons.

Lynn Hasty said...

Pretty stuff! I'm 99.9% sure you'll have a waist again. And you'll have warm weather before you know it. Well, before too long anyway.

Lynn ~:-D

Mrs. D said...

They all look great! I really want to get into sewing everytime you post about it :). And I will. My grandmother does not need her sewing machine anymore (she's 89 and has artritis in her hands), so she will give it to me. I'm definately exited. Hopefully I'll find time to sew!

Anonymous said...

Okay - how do you do it? You have 4.5 kids, and keep a nice house and care greatly for your husband and kids - and still manage to sew so much. I am doing something wrong! You are a much better person than your mom!
I love the first dress the best!

forcryeye said...

You are so talented. I love the 1940's drawstring skirt!!! Don't worry, you will have a waist again soon!!!

Me said...

Dianna, (aka Mom), I just go to bed later (too late) than you, that's all. Wink.
Jeanine, I am so thankful my mother taught me how to sew. I still go to her for help!
Mama K, I bought the pattern at Joann's 99 cent sale last week. I couldn't resist it for so cheap.
New Mom, I'm just busy, not necessarily talented.
Stefan, Sara, and Luka - what nice names you'all have! I am thinking of doing a tutorial on a tiered skirt, thanks for the idea. They really are quick and easy.
Bauman, I thought those blouses patterns would sew up nicely for nursing too.

Me said...
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Carolyne said...

I love all your vintage sewing patterns~ I've a few favourites that I enjoy re-making again and again also.
With modern fabrics the styles are timeless.
It is such an important skill to develop. You will never be without a great wardrobe by being wise in this way.
Do you also like to remake your "finds" from the thrifts?

You have a great blog. I will enjoy visiting again soon.
{{hugs}} Carolyne