Wednesday, December 19

The Third Day..

...of the flu and taking up my post in the club chair with my feet on the ottoman and not moving all day. Except maybe my fingers and my mouth.
Thank goodness for a seven year old daughter who can make pb&j and small boys who pick out and bring me imaginative outfits for their nineteen month old sister. Today she's wearing a green crocheted dress with a white turtleneck underneath and yellow and green striped tights. An outfit reminiscent of Suess.
Last night was the worst when my fever spiked and I had to call Sean home from the kids Christmas rehearsal. I was worried about the baby getting too hot and needed some Tylenol as we had none in the house. Do you know that horrible, eye-burning, aching fever pain when your eyes start watering to cool themselves off? Miserable, I tell you.
Here are my tips for being sick and having to still be a Mama.
1. Lower your expectations.
The kids will have to work disagreements out on their own. They may have to eat unusual meals. The laundry pile will pile up and smell like a swamp. There will be toys everywhere. I could go on and on here....
2. Keep everybody in the same room.

We're parked in the living room. The kids are all playing with the wooden train set right now. It looks like a hurricane hit. If Catherine runs out of the room, I have one of the older kids go fetch her since every time I stand up my lips tingle and go numb and I see pretty lights. (I'm really pathetic, I know.)
3. Watch your patience grow.
4. Take advantage of time consuming kid activities.
DVD's, sledding outside for the older kids, leap pad computers, simple art activities, extra chores...
5. Keep the necessities close by.
I have a little tray table next to me with glasses of water, Tylenol, thermometer, cell phone and laptop.
6. Thank God for nap time and afternoon quiet time.
I nap when the older two take quiet time in their rooms with books and the littlest ones are napping.
7. Pray.
I keep thanking God that this too shall pass and then praying for strength and wisdom for me. I pray that the kids will have patience with each other and thank God for their helpfulness. Most of all I thank God for a helpful husband who hurries home from work every day!
BTW, I have a new favorite website that is keeping me entertained on my coushie chair. Here's another.


Lucy said...

I said a prayer for you, Hannah!

Sam Luce said...

Hope you feel better? We love you guys.

Patricia said...

Absolutely wonderful advice. Bless your heart, Hope you feel better soon.