Sunday, December 9

There was a beautiful message at church today, something my heart and spirit needed to hear. Psalm 34:18 was one of the texts used. Sean squeezed my hand.  Eleanora napped in bliss with her head on his chest.
We took off after church to our cabin. My Dad had kindly started the wood stove for us a few hours earlier, and it was just about toasty and warm.
Sean had made a big pot of chili with beans, veggies, venison and elk. This chili, French bread and carrot sticks we shared with close friends of ours, sitting by the fire and relishing in the quiet. There were eight children playing around us but it seemed so peaceful and quiet. Dessert was crispy German style bread with honey, raspberries and apple slices. A few of the boys went sledding, Aiden sat down to a puzzle, and Ella napped. The older girls drew and played.
Before we packed up and left, Sean cut a bunch of evergreen boughs for our window boxes and doors. I'm hoping for a warmer day to set them out.
The photos are from the drive to the cabin, just a mile or so from there. I realize sometimes that I take all the beauty of the snow for granted, having seen it repeatedly for the last 20 something years.
Have a sweet night,


Anonymous said...

Those pics are just beautiful! How blessed you are to have a cabin. Souds like a wonderful day!

New Mom said...

What a peaceful day. Even the ride looks like it evokes beauty and peace. Gorgeous photography, especially the first one of the bend in the road. Thanks for sharing!

Me said...

Thanks Angie and New Mom!