Monday, December 17

Last Minute Gift Ideas

I'm a sucker for gifts that go together.
Our friends Stephanie and Mark gave us a beautiful cake plate with a bundt cake mix and box of delicious organic cookies wrapped up together.

Other great gift ideas that go together:
1. An Angelina Ballerina book and a homemade or bought tutu. Idea came from here.
2. A book on knife making and some supplies to get started. This same idea could be used on a cookbook, wood carving, embroidery or knitting book, etc.
3. A homemade or bought purse filled with some necessary purse things: chapstick, tissues, change purse with change, etc.
4. A book on knights and castles and a wooden sword.
5. Handmade or bought bibs and yummy baby food and cute spoons.
6. Squares of fabric, a needle case and thread for an ambitious young sewer.
7. Cloth grocery bags with some organic produce or goods tucked inside.


Anonymous said...

What great ideas. I appreciate it today, as I am doing some shopping for friends.

I always enjoy visiting your blog, though.


Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

good ideas here. we're the same when it comes to gifts: practical!