Tuesday, December 4

Jesse Tree: The story of Sarah

Sarai, the woman with the beautiful long black hair and big brown eyes, looked down from her camel. It had rocked her asleep as it walked and she realized she was thirsty after her little nap. A servant handed her a flask of water. It was cool and refreshing.
As she drank it, she thought about her husband, Abram.
Abram was a very good man and he loved God with all of his heart. Sarai's life with him was wonderful. Sarai had lots of beautiful gold jewelry and clothes made of silk. Her husband bought her all these things because he was a very rich man. There were servants to help her and lots of good food to eat. Still, there was a sad part in Sarai’s heart. She and Abram had no children.
“God has told me to go to a new land.” Abram had told Sarai. Sarai understood that they must obey God and so she had packed her things and settled onto the back of this camel.
The new land was very beautiful, unlike any place Sarai had ever lived. The hills were green and plush. Abram’s cattle and herds loved it here in this new place.
One night God spoke to Abram and told him that he would give him as many descendents as the stars in the sky. Sarai knew her husband believed the Lord, but Sarai wondered. She was getting old. Wasn't she too old to have a child? God also changed Sarai’s name to Sarah.
Sarah and Abraham lived under a beautiful grove of oak trees. They lived there for ten years and still Sarah had no children.
One day, as Sarah was in her tent, a servant came running.
“There are guests here!” she hurriedly told Sarah. Abraham has told us to prepare a feast.
Curious, Sarah looked out of her tent and saw her husband Abraham speaking with three men. As they sat and talked, Sarah overheard one of the men ask for her by name.
“That’s strange,” Sarah thought. “How does he know my name?”
She kept on listening to the men and again heard one of them say her name.
“Next year at this time, your wife Sarah will give birth to a son” the man said.
Sarah laughed quietly to herself.
“Why did your wife Sarah just laugh?” the man asked Abraham. Abraham had not heard his wife laugh and Sarah’s eyes grew big. She knew no one could have heard her.
“Is anything too hard for the Lord?” the man asked Abraham.
A few months later, Sarah realized that she, an old woman, was pregnant. We hang the ornament of the silver haired woman on our Jesse Tree to remind us of God’s faithfulness. God kept His promise to Abraham and Sarah. Do you remember who one of their descendants would be?

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