Wednesday, December 26

I'm dreaming

of a waistline. Now that the rush to get things done for Christmas is over, I've begun browsing vintage dress patterns online. I'm dreaming of spring and a baby and normal (my ideal normal anyway) clothing without stretchy waistbands and being able to wear something with shape to it.
I have to be able to alter any patterns I buy to have a tie waist - for extra post baby pudge :(
and it must have nursing accessibility. Here are some of my favorites off of I love this blouse in view D and C. Wouldn't it be great with one of the skirts in the other patterns below? My 80 something year old Grandma always inspires me to look put together and dress nicely even just for everyday.
The gored skirts, view B and C are my favorites. With that blouse above and a pair of summer sandals, I'd be all set.
I made our daughters a dress with this sort of neckline and it was so simple and quick to make. I love that it is loose fitting - very flattering post pregnancy!
Love, love, love numbers 2 and 3 here on this retro skirt pattern. It looks like it even has pockets! I'd have to make the back waist band with elastic though.
I don't care at all for the striped version of this dress but I really do like the one the lady is wearing with short sleeves. It looks like an easy design. BTW, is that a football helmet on her head?
This polka dotted blue version would be great post baby if I made the back panel a bit wider and included the tie waist. Before I buy any patterns though I need to go up to the unheated sewing room and dig through the patterns I already have and see what is useful.
Thanks for dreaming with me!


Lynn Hasty said...

I remember dreaming of my "old" waistline. Just enjoy it! My baby is 9, no more on the way...

Loved your Christmas pictures.


Shininggoober said...

I love "vintage" style clothing too. I'd love to see any end results! Take care... Donna

Me said...

Lynn, you definitely still have a waist from what I see on your blog photos! I just ordered the Christy series on DVD from the library after I saw on your blog that it is out. Can't wait to watch them!
I'll be sure to post and update any "I'm dreaming of a waistline" clothing. I have a great vintage maternity dress I'll have to post on...

Lynn Hasty said...

Oh, thanks. ~:-D I think you'll like the Christy DVDs. I hope so. My daughter and I love them. Can't wait to see more pattern and sewing updates!

Would love to see the maternity dress!