Friday, December 14

A gift to give

The sermons at our church this past month have dealt with the magi and their gifts. We've learned what each one signifies and what gifts we can give to Christ. And so it has got me thinking as I clean and ready the house.
As I was sweeping down these stairs this afternoon I began thinking about our lives and the strength or weakness of it. I began to think of my life as a woven cloth, which I guess for someone like me who handles cloth often, makes an easily imagined scenario. What kind of cloth would my life be? Anyone who sews or handles fabric can recognize well made cloth from cheaply woven material.
I thought back to my early years, our first years as a married couple before our daughter was born and then over the past seven years of being parents.
Of course, the hardest time for us as parents was expecting Aiden, not knowing what to expect and then the first two years of his life outside the womb. The weave of that portion of my life is strong and thick. It is an experience that I will always look back on and one that will cause me to remember God's strength in a time when I had none of my own.
I've mentioned before how easy it would have been to question God or blame Him for Aiden's kidney and ureter deformities. By not choosing that path, Sean and I were essentially, though unconsciously, choosing to submit to God in that season.

Sadly, there are other times in my life where I have fought what was happening or going on, rebelling or allowing myself to become frustrated and angry. I see in those times the fabric being weak and thin, almost threadbare. How much stronger it could have been if I had only submitted and allowed God to do what He intended!
I see it the same way in the early years of our marriage, when I did not understand what Biblical submission was or how beautiful a thing it is. I see how the constant pulling in my own direction made the weave of the fabric thin and irregular.
What gift can we give Christ? How about the gift of submission this Christmas? What wonders could be worked in our lives if we choose to not only submit and allow Him to lead us through beautiful pastures that are green, but also submit and allow Him to take the lead when the path becomes rocky and sharp and heads downward into a gloomy valley? What if we forget trying to take a shortcut around and trust that He really does have our best in mind?
It's popular to think that we know what's best for ourselves, but is it really truth?


Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah! I love the song on your site. So pretty! Hope all is well.


Me said...

Thanks, Amy.