Wednesday, December 5

December 6th, 1998

Nine years ago I was shopping for groceries for to pack in the cooler for our long car ride the next day. It was an early Sunday morning and I had skipped church, having a very full day and evening ahead.
We all met, my girlfriends, sisters and I, at the church about 4pm. My mother and one of our neighbors had hung evergreen boughs from the pews with red ribbons and the church was immersed in poinsettias. They lined the two side walls and the front by the altar. The church smelled heavenly with all those evergreens!
I realized my new shoes were incredibly slippery and stepped outside to scuff up the bottoms on the sidewalk. It was December in upstate NY and 70 degrees out! We had definitely not planned on this kind of weather. I had bet on flurries for the day. We all set out loads of creamy candles around the altar and then hurried into the pastors office to hide away until 6.
I remember sitting on the floor by the pastor's bathroom door mirror, putting my contacts in and smoothing on a dusting of eyeshadow. A friend did my hair for me and the room was alive with an underlying current of excitement. We were all giggly.
The owner of the shop where we bought my dress helped me step into it and zip up the back. People kept poking their heads into the room and smiling or wiping away tears.
Finally, 6pm.
The lights were dimmed. My sisters and friends carried lit candles in vases. I walked down the aisle with my Dad and saw Sean standing with a wide grin on his face. To say that he looked exited and happy would be the understatement of the year! To this day people still tell us that our wedding was the "funnest" one they've ever been too. I giggled the entire time. The pastor asked me if I was alright and I said, "Yes. Very." He thought I said "Yes. Hurry," and the entire place erupted in laughter.
We were as poor as church mice that beautiful candlelit evening when we married. We could easily tell which people had confidence in our young marriage and which ones didn't. (I turned 20 three months after our wedding.) Some people only gave $5 as a gift and some people didn't gift at all. (Ouch. And we're definitely not the type to mind a small gift given with a loving heart.)
It was wonderful that our friends Sam and Sandra were there, themselves newly married. Michael was there too, still single and waiting for Melissa to graduate from high school! Sean's grandparents cheered us on from the front, themselves having been married much younger than us. Mark and Stephanie were there too. I have a photo of them coming in together and they married about a year and a half after we did. We had a lot of loving family and friends that we still truly cherish.
It has been a beautiful nine years and sometimes I feel uncomfortable that I've had more happiness in nine years than some people have in a lifetime. I feel truly blessed and know God gets all the credit here. We've dealt with "richer or poorer", "in sickness and in health" and I am confident God will see us through all the rest journeys of our life together.
Sean, I love you more than anything.


Unknown said...

To my wife of 9 years and my best friend of 11 marrying you was the best decision I have made while on this earth. My heart feels ever closer to yours and you are all I have ever hoped for or wished for in a wife. I have truly received favor from my God.

Your ever loving and devoted husband,

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

happy anniversary!!!!