Tuesday, December 25


The little ones have all been carried into bed by Papa. The smallest two fell asleep folded over in little mounds of red cheeks and dimples and sweet warm breath on the sofa while everyone watched or listened in on It's A Wonderful Life.
We walked up in the fields after our midday pot roast, watching a flock of black turkeys run back and forth ahead of us in their Yuletide dance.
The air is crisp, the snow crunchy and the skies are gray. Probably more snow is coming and the kids are hoping for some since they have three new sleds to try out.
Ella in her wool elf cap and Papa with his walking stick from some beaver meadows by the cabin. The beavers stripped and smoothed the stick completely and left little furrowing marks from their teeth.
Five months down, four more to go. See that little bump? Definitely the smallest I've carried since our first two. The new little one has had hiccups most of the day and I feel the little rhythmic jumps. A wonderful feeling that I'm very thankful for.
We had a quiet Christmas Day with four happy and excited children building castles and mazes, cuddling up for a new story (Caddie Woodlawn) and seeing just how much mischief is permitted on Christmas.
We were out late last night at a big Italian Christmas Eve. We were the only fair folks there (just remembered Sam and his son are fair too) and it was easy to spot our children amongst the dark heads.
Andrew stayed up half the night, too excited to sleep knowing that there was a BIG present in the back that his sister said was for him. I love their excitement. In the midst of family drama it is a bit of peaceful and pure bliss.

Do you see the smile hiding behind that smirk? Aiden was having fun posing for the camera on our afternoon walk. I hope you all had a peaceful Christmas Day!


Anonymous said...

It looks like you and your family had a very nice Christmas Day together.
awww :) I love that last picture. Your son looks so cute posing for the camera. Oh, and you look very pretty. If it weren't for the small bump, I wouldn't even tell that you are pregnant.

Melissa said...

I do see the bump! Look how cute you are!'

Melissa :D