Monday, December 17

Book Recommedation

Last week I picked up this book at our local library, not knowing what to expect. Boy, was I impressed!
I have read and listened to some books by Elizabeth George previously and have always loved her writing.
The authors take different wisdom from the Proverbs dealing with character and put it to verse.
The first page reads "God's Little Boy is... Helpful. Being helpful is so rare these days! But God's little boy helps in various ways. His wonderful service is known near and far, Like the help he gives in washing the car."
"Whenever you are able, do good to people who need help." Proverbs 3:27
The artwork is beautiful too. It has been a great teaching tool this past week in our home and one that Douglas loves. He asks to be read it all the time and then asks questions about each page.
Once this book heads back to the library we'll be buying one for our home library and I'm hoping that maybe there's one for girls as well.
Just thought I'd share in case anyone needs a last minute gift for a little guy!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like abook this household needs with 4 boys. I love the beginning of it since it is so true. My two oldest have been shoveling the driveway without me asking! Thanks for the recommendation!

Ree said...

We have the girl version of this book..I didn't know there was one for boys too.