Thursday, December 13

A Blizzardy Day

The older three sledding down the driveway. It has been snowing non-stop hard since this morning.

Inexpensive door decorations... The boughs are from our woods and the ribbon was after Christmas clearance from last year.

Today he told me, as he got into his snow pants, "My belly is too big for these!"
Yes, my sweet, it is. This boy loves to eat.

The snow was in his face...

And this is how the wee one looks when she gets to play out in the snow;
and this is how she looks when Mama decides she's turning
to a popsicle and needs to come inside! "Play, play..." she whimpers.

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Anonymous said...

Ask the kids if Grammie can come over and go sledding with them....Looks like lots of fun!