Thursday, December 6

Anniversary Gift-y-ness

I like practical gifts. I don't think I'd ever mind being given a shiny new washing machine for a gift (front loader, please) or a new stand mixer since parts of mine have about bit the dust after nine years.Sparkly gifts are good and practical gifts are good. I'm not really particular. Sean is also great at picking out jewelry and I have some really beautiful pieces from him.
When I saw this though, I thought I'd love one and I was right. Sean being the gracious man that he is promptly bought it for me for an anniversary gift.Yes, I was excited and surprised. I did not have a clue.
I guess this year's gift is half practical and half frivolous. Because it is useful. Did I really, really, really need it? Not really. I could have lived without it.
That being said, I never want to part with it
and it'll be bringing a whole lot of fun to my camera toting days. I'd love to show it to you except it is hooked onto the end
of my camera and that would make taking a photo of it a bit awkward.
Instead, here are some photos our dog Bear and I took this afternoon
in the fields behind our home with my new wide angle lense.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! And a wonderful, practical gift!
We celebrate 7 years on Sunday. It's such fun!