Friday, November 9

Some one close to me has been dealing with a lot of questions with the local church and big Christian organizations, placing blame where many times it is deserved.

Since this is someone that I love and admire, of course I run their questions through my head as well. Is there too much emphasis in the local churches on prosperity and healing? Are big Christian organizations money hungry? Yes, sometimes, on both accounts. Sean and I found out how much greed plays into adoption when we began seeking that route to increasing our family. Faced with how much adoption actually costs and then presented with how much "Christian" agencies charge... as Sean said, it is criminal.

Have I seen the Bible thumpers on TBN promising blessings to everyone who donates to their ministry? Yes. It disgusts me.

Have I walked out of church services? Yes.

So what is a Christian to do?

First off, each of us are responsible for what we have been made responsible for. (Luke 19:12-27) That means that I am going to be held accountable for using the weapon placed in my hands to extend God's love.

What is my weapon? Practically speaking now, no spiritual mumbo-jumbo. The weapon that I personally wield daily, effectively or not, is my home. Now when I first thought of this it seemed strange to think of our home as a weapon. It is a cozy place, not a cold piece of steel. But do I use my home effectively? Do you use what resources and abilities God has given you effectively? Perhaps it is a business or a job or an income.

When I think of or list all the capabilities I have with my home as a resource for extending God's love, I know I don't take advantage of it as much as I should. I could be baking more for the neighbors or inviting more people into our home. How I raise my children in our home will determine how much strength is behind the weapon I wield. Have you ever been to a pretty home, decorated all Pottery Barn-ish where the children are uncontrollable or the tension between the husband and wife could be cut with a butter knife? I have. It doesn't matter how tasty the dinner was or how witty the conversation, the effectiveness of the home was shot.

Am I being diligent in keeping, caring for and fine tuning the weapon at my disposal? Am I keeping myself strong, my heart pure, and my motives clean so that there is strength behind the weapon?

Of course we are responsible for choosing what church we attend on Sunday morning and what ministries we donate to. But those things are such a small part of my faith and of my daily life. Though I may minister in different capacities on Sunday morning, I don't consider that my main ministry.

Two of my children are out chasing the ducks and chickens out of the road. Chickens are not the brightest of birds. Where one goes, they will all follow. Have a good afternoon and a good pondering.



Anonymous said...

I agree with many of your points, though in some cases I believe that some churches do not concentrate enough on healing because they don't believe God can do it.

The prosperity "make a seed donation of XYZ and you'll receive XYZ" message does make me sick...can you imagine our Lord doing that?

Great food for thought

JuJu's Place said...

"But those things are such a small part of my faith and of my daily life"... that is so true! This blog has ministered to me today- We have chosen a different path, leaving a church establishment to bring our family closer together and make a haven in our home- something not often found in today's world-- what a great reminder of what is important in life!. Really enjoy your blog- what a breath of fresh air!