Tuesday, November 27

Nesting, I suppose....

When we bought Shepard Hill, almost a year ago, the bedroom we use for the boys had deep lavender walls, a turquoise ceiling and baby blue shag carpet. It was definitely a "what were they thinking?" kind of room. We had the walls and ceiling painted before we moved in but didn't tear up the carpeting until moving day.

Surprise! Turquoise floor under the shag carpet!

I've tolerated it and despised it until now.

Over the last few months the kids and I have pulled hundreds of staples out with some tool that looks like an ice pick and a couple of pairs of pliers. We finished the staple pulling yesterday and I chipped carefully through four layers of paint to see what the original color was.

It was a mustard-y gold and I liked it. The wood underneath all the paint was crumbly in spots and I don't think the floor would refinish well.

My friend Diane watched the kids while I ran to the paint store and tried to match the original color with a speck I had scraped up. I can do a lot of things with kids in tow, but browsing through a paint department never goes well. A million thanks, Diane!

Viola! Two coats later and 24 or so hours of airing out the room (no low VOC floor paint, I guess) it is done and I love it and love walking by the boys room without cringing.


Brandy said...

Gorgeous floors! Looks like a charming home with lost of character.

New Mom said...

Looks great!

New Mom said...

Hmmm... I can't believe you got down on your hands and knees and pulled staples while pregnant!

Me said...

Thanks, Ladies! It feels good to ge something significant accomplished!