Saturday, November 3

My thoughts are on prayer again tonight. The handsome love of my life just came home this evening from a night over at the cabin with our two oldest children. My Dad sent word with them that once again his "visitor" made himself at home in the greenhouse last night.

Today I was thinking about humility which led me to thinking about prayer, because isn't prayer an act of humility? At least in my understanding it is.

When the house is half empty, as it has been overnight and today, I find there's more quiet and time to do chores. I love the sense of accomplishment that comes from tackling housework. Usually while I'm sorting laundry or starting another load or sweeping a crunchy floor, I find it is an easy time to pray. Busy hands go along well with a busy heart, I guess."Thank you" prayers seemed to be on my heart today. How I ended up so blessed, I do not know. As I shook out a pair of jeans and hung them in the cold air outside I thought about this. I think that a big part of living a happy life and a contented one has to do with perspective. I don't doubt that plenty of people would be miserable living my life as I choose to and somehow this struck me as funny.
I'm sure there's a desperate housewife blog out there someplace with complaints about having to hang the laundry out and grumbling about making meals and instead shoving cold cereal across the table at breakfast and aching for new Pottery Barn furnishings....

I am not her. Perspective.

And while I ache for Germany and practice German phrases over and over in my mind so I don't forget, on most other issues I am content. For the issues that are out of my control, I find myself praying, "God, I know You know." What else can I say? He hasn't lifted the request for me to still submit, ( instead I still hear the same request when my thoughts wander across the ocean or to the pretty brick bungalow that we need to sell. I know he's still God and capable of astounding me with His awesome planning and timing. I'm sure my desires for my life pale in comparision to the ones He holds for me.

So please forgive this wandering, unorganized post on prayer or humility or perspective, whichever it is to you, and thanks for stopping by,

Guten Nacht,


Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

this is a good post Hannah. I am inspired that i should be in perpetual thankfulness for blessings from God i receive, everyday. Blessings to your life!

Me said...

Thank you, Hailey for appreciating jumbled thoughts!