Thursday, November 22

A Full House

and happy hearts.
These are all people we love.

Sven and Rachel (green and khaki shirts) have four children and are expecting their fifth. Rachel is one of my closest friends, bearing one of the kindest hearts of anyone I know. She is a great Mama! One of her close friends was in town and came for Thanksgiving too. We had a wonderful time meeting and enjoying Stephanie's company.
Uncle Gary, one of my husband's best friends, came too. He is our kid's adopted "uncle", having been around long before they were born.
My sister Katie and my Mom were able to come too. My Mom really blessed me by doing a lot of cooking for the dinner. She showed up with an armload of cranberry orange muffins, cider, carrots and celery, sweet potatoes, and two kinds of cranberry sauce. She peeled and cooked and mashed the potatoes. Even with everyone's help today, I am still pregnancy-related exhausted and cannot wait to climb in to bed with a good book.
After lunch we all bundled up and braved the wind and freezing rain for a brisk walk. In our family, Thanksgiving and Christmas walks are a tradition we love, so peaceful and reflective and energizing.
Warming ourselves by the woodstove we enjoyed apple crisp, banana pie, and pumpkin pie with our tea, spiced hot cider and eggnog, playing rounds of balderdash and trying to keep my youngest, Catherine, out of the whipped cream. The kids cozied up on the library couch and watched Swiss Family Robinson.
It was a lovely day.


Lynda said...

Congrats on your pregnancy!

BettyJo said...

I have been to your blog several times. I have been inspired by many of the things you have written.
Your Thanksgiving sounded so wonderful.
May Your family be blessed abundantly thank you for sharing.
BettyJo (Child of God 41f wife mother of 2 seamtress, photogropher friend)

Me said...

Thnak,s Mommy Lynda and Sewinstuff for stopping by. I always wonder who my readers are when I see the blog counts going up!
Well, its pouring out and I'm off to check for chicken eggs and throw a turkey pot pie in the oven for dinner.
Has everyone used up their leftovers yet? I think we'll be eating turkey all winter.