Friday, November 30

Adam and Eve Jesse Tree Ornament

Our family is doing a Jesse Tree this year and to go along with the first story of Adam and Eve, we are making ornaments for the tree.
First I sketched a silhouette of a man and of a woman since google let me down on this one. I am not a great artist but I did try to make Adam have broader shoulder and bigger feet than Eve. I also tried to draw Eve with a smaller and softer body.
Next I cut out a small red heart and Adam and Eve.
A thin coat of glue applied to the cut outs holds the white and red glitter in place. I cut out extra Adam and Eve's and hearts for the kids to glue and glitter tomorrow, since they are still pretty young.
Our children will do this craft tomorrow while Papa reads the story.
I am annoyingly sentimental when pregnant. I was reading a book to the children called, Bright Christmas: An Angel Remembers, just the other morning and had to pause several times because of annoying sentimental tears. I highly, highly recommend the book. It is both brilliant and beautiful.
After Papa reads the story and their Adam and Eve's dry, we'll set them among the branches. There's no reason why you can't hang a hook through the heart, but I kind of liked them standing instead of hanging.


Rebecca said...

Too cute! What a great idea!I can't wait to see your tree when it's all done!

Wendy said...

I really like this representation!!! Thanks for sharing!