Saturday, October 13

Savoring Your Marriage

Sean and I had the pleasure of attending a beautiful wedding on Friday night. A girl that I've known since she was born married in a beautiful ceremony with happy tears and candlelight and lots of wide smiles. There is nothing like a happy wedding and my handsome husband sitting by my side squeezing my hand to make the memories come rolling back.
We were married just about nine years ago in a very simple and happy ceremony.
People always tell us it was the "funnest" wedding they've been to.
Probably because I was so nervous that I started giggling half way through and when our Pastor asked me if I was alright, I said ""Very!" but he thought I said "Hurry" and everyone started laughing!
"Wow, it's getting hot up here!" he said.
Sean and I were dirt poor, both of us making under the national poverty level. I was a nurse and Sean worked as a filer at an insurance company. We were young too.
I was just 19 and Sean was 21.

(Here we are!)

This afternoon I was reminiscing about our first months and years as a couple. Sometime I'll share a bit of that story but for now let me tell you that Sean was and still is a gentleman. He has integrity too. I overheard him tell his college age group of guys one night that if he is hit on by an attractive woman at work, he'll purposely avoid her at all costs and even go as far as to make himself look stupid and dumb when she's around. It's funny, but I love him for it!
One night when we were first starting to see each other, we took a walk through the field behind the town's high school. It was winter and dark and soon there were headlights behind us and a cop flashing his light. He asked for our ID (?) and said, "oh, it's okay, you're of legal age" (to me). I remember Sean defending my honor in front of him and the cop refusing to believe that no hanky panky was going on. The cop kept saying, "It's OK, she's 18!"

My little marriage tip for Bethany would be to realize and admit that we are all selfish creatures. Marriage takes effort and denial of that selfish part of us that always wants to be right and always wants the the last word and always wants its way. It took Sean and I (or at least me) a while to work this through.
Both Sean and I have come from unstable family situations and I think we're are ever so more mindful of the value of marriage and family because of this. People may think we're crazy for embracing a large family and I don't expect them to understand. For me, it is a small way to put some stability back in the world and honor Christ with my life.
Have a great week, everyone! Thank God for your husbands and find a way to bless him this week without expecting him to reciprocate or thank you!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful - thanks for sound advice! I just this hour finished a post on doing something to save my husband a job, and it turned out quite fun for me which was why I blogged about it! Our 7th anniversary is approaching, and I grow more thankful for my husband as each year passes.

Me said...

I love your cute yard, Melissa! I'm the lawn mower here too but because of the fact that Sean has terrible allergies that mowing the lawn sets off. I don't mind. It's two hours of peace and quiet and time to think and pray. I'm not the neatest lawn mower though. Our neighbors across the street mow at least once a week in perfect diagonal lines....

New Mom said...

Beautiful photos, Hannah. Especially the first one. I really like the angle you took. It was nice to see a picture of you and your husband together, what a handsome couple! You look so young. I'll bet you get that all the time. BTW, (and don't take this the wrong way) your husband has very pretty eyes!

Me said...

Thanks, New Mom, I love Sean's eyes too and all of our kids got his blue eyes too! I get it all the time that I look very young for being a Mom. I'm 28. I've had people come to the door and ask if my Mom or Dad are home and once a cop thought Sean was my father.... I think its his bare head and his mannerisms that make people assume he's older. He has a lot of life wisdom. He's 30.

Sam Luce said...

Nice picture of Bethany and her dad. You are very talented Hannah. I like how you use different perspectives. I think there is something about a picture that should say, I was there but I don't remember seeing that!