Friday, October 19


I'm teaching a small photography class through our home education league. Even though I am not a big talker, it is a lot of fun and the highlight is that when I'm tired of talking I can say, "All right, lets go outside with our cameras!" After the class the Moms ask questions about taking photographs of their kids, which is something I love to do and so we end up having a fun time talking.

This week's lesson was on perspective and the sample photos I quickly took yesterday made me think of life and life's' perspectives. Isn't it true that once we've gotten into the habit of thinking a certain way, that it is nearly impossible to view things any other way. Perspective affects the way we handle friendships, marriage, our relationships with our children and most importantly our relationship with God.

"But I don't have a relationship with God," you might say.
Oh, yes you do. You might have an "untrusting, we never talk and I think He doesn't care a hoot about me" kind of relationship, but you have one. The God of the universe designed things so that He'd always be in relationship with man.

What perspective do I have on life? Am I always cynical? It would have been easy for a part of me to always be cynical. But if I had allowed my perspective to fall that way I wouldn't trust and I wouldn't be blessed with a sweet husband and a happy marriage. I could be cynical about God with the world the way it is. I have humanly valid reasons for letting my perspective fall that way which I could give in to. Or I can choose to trust God's character and believe that He is the one truly good thing in an evil world.
When Christopher was first born and the diagnosis kept getting worse and worse, some one asked me if I had questioned God on why this was happening, telling me that it was okay to question God. "I can't even go there," I tiredly said. Questioning a perfect God and blaming Perfection for an bodily imperfection would have been a dangerous, but well traveled road. For sanity's sake, not to be boastful, I decided that God had a plan for Christopher's life and that He ultimately had numbered his days just as He has numbered mine. Did I ask God if I could keep Christopher for a while? Of course. :)

The ultimate perspective challenge is whether or not our perspectives line up with God's.


Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

hi hannah this post is so thought provoking. makes me think about how i look at my own life's perspective...
do you know my second daughter's name is hannah too?
i told her that when she gives birth to a boy later in her life she should name him in the Bible.

Me said...

There weren't ANY other Hannah's when I was growing up but now it seems like a very popular name!