Wednesday, October 24

Best Quote of the Day

"I was told by a mentor 'Spend at least as much time researching vaccination as you would researching the new car you want to buy.' Our children deserve at least that much."

Interesting video here:


Nancy said...

You might also like to check out the new book by Robert Sears, M.D., The Vaccine Book.

Amy said...

So very true, and a princple that should be undertaken with most medical decisions, IMO.

Kelly @ The Barefoot Mama said...

I couldn't agree more! I'm a huge advocate of vax awareness. Great to see this quote. Have a lovely and blessed Friday, Hannah!

Me said...

Thanks for the book recommendation, Nancy!
I'm always surprised how little thought most parents give vaccines, Mrs. Brigham, and yet take so much time to research any medial procedure their physician wants them to have done.
Thanks for stoppping by, Kelly. Your sweet potato pie recipe will definitely be on our menu next week!

New Mom said...

I haven't done Elon's 1-yr vaccinations yet. I know this sounds weird, but ever since he was born I have had a funny feeling that I should not get these vaccinations. His pediatrician is also a friend of mine and of course, she wants him vaccinated. She has given me all the literature but still I am not convinced. I have also extensively researched it myself. Honestly, I don't know what to think. If I got him vaccinated and something happened, I would never forgive myself for not listening to that small voice inside.

Me said...

I definitely encourage you to read some more on the subject, New Mom, before deciding. You are doing what a lot of parents fail to do (research) and I commend you on that! We are fairly close to our pediatrician after everything with Christopher, and he lives at the end of our road. Our office visits go something like this,
Him, "soooo, any shots today?"
Me -"no, but I know you have to ask, right?"
Him- (smiles) "Yup."
And thats it. He knows my view and I know his.
A friend mentioned this
article to us tonight when we were talking about this very thing.
Obviously my stance is that here in the USA I do not see the majority of vaccines as necessary or worth the risk. If we were to ever live overseas I would re-evaluate my information and see if or what vaccines were wise.
Our youngest, Catherine, is our pure child, having not had any vaccines. Christopher has just had one, a particular one highly recommended for people with compromised kidney function. OUr journey to becoming informed parents began when Douglas was a baby and spiked a 104 temp with projectile vomiting after a DPT shot. The doctor on call told me I was overreacting and this was normal and to take my son home. So I began to read, a lot.
Thanks for contributing your view!