Tuesday, September 4

We're Back!

Highlights of the trip include spending long mornings or afternoons at the beach and having it almost completely to ourselves, spending extra special time with Grammie (my Mom) as she came with us, swimming in the beautiful blue and salty bay while watching the sailboats go by, early morning walks on the beach instead of my hill, getting used to hard mattresses while missing our own, and seafood- glorious seafood!


New Mom said...

What a beautiful family! I just told my husband that we need to take a trip to the beach. Sooo relaxing.

Me said...

Thanks New Mom! We had a wonderfully relaxing time doing not much of anything and we were still exhausted and in bed by nine (me earlier) every night!

Sam Luce said...

Glad you had a good time we will see you guys soon. EH!