Monday, September 10

This sweet boy turned three while we were away and spent his third birthday at the beach in the sand, happy as any three year old boy could be. Sean and I happily sat and watched and remembered how terrified we were three years ago.
(He shouldn't be able to do what it is he's doing in the photo, according to his specialists.)
We have so much to be thankful for.
The farm table I covet that was in the house we rented on West Island.
I really, really want a farm table.
Really, really.....really.
Simple clean lines and fits a passel of people.
What more could you want living in a farmhouse?
The first birthday cake I didn't make. Whole Foods did the honour and deliciously so. (Raspberry Mousse Cake)
It disappeared.

Happy Birthday, my big three year old!

Our love for you is much!

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