Sunday, September 23

An Ocean Week

We decided to loosely go through Creation, using it as our guide for science lessons for the children this year. Having just finished a lot of fun learning about the sun, planets, stars and light, we've decided to explore the ocean next.

Besides a few resources I have in our home library, these ones online look great:, a great printable coloring book about sea turtles, we'll use some of these drawings and facts to make our own sea turtle lap book. Making a tidal pool is just one of the fun activities featured here.

And check out this site, how cool!

Besides taking advantage of these free and fun home education resources, we'll be making oceans in a bottle. Real easy with food coloring water, sparkles and cut out foam underwater creatures and a few shells. Insert everything into a water bottle and glue the top on tightly!


the editor said...

Hello! You commented a while back on my son's blog- regarding yummy pretzel, candy kiss and M & M treats- and I was just wondering how you happened to find us.

Me said...

I honestly don't remember! It was probably a link through a link through a link. One can get lost in blogworld sometimes!

Hanley Family said...

There's another cool project we did with oceans. Take a paper plate and paint it blue. Glue sand on the bottom quarter or so. And then decorate with fish stickers, green yarn (for sea weed), small shells, etc.

Me said...

Thanks Dana!