Sunday, September 9

The garden is parched, the grass a crunchy pale brown and this afternoon... it is raining. A steady earth penetrating sort of rain, bringing contentment to my soul.

We used to sing a song in church called Rain on Me, singing together for God's presence to rain down into our lives. This steady penetrating rain is what I desire. As I sit here, I know the rain outside is reaching every parched root in my garden, plumping up the fruit on the apple trees, and turning the unbeautiful browned grass to beautiful again.

Our attempt at adoption is on hold for now. Sometimes God says yes, sometimes no, and sometimes, "not yet". We've received a "not yet" from Him and there is peace in my soul.

Prayerfully, I sit here, amazed at how God works, and in awe of His planning and purposes for our lives. Like the rain penetrating the earth outside, I desire His spirit to reach to the dry roots hidden in my life, bring forth more fruit, and turn the ugly brown parts of my life into beautiful.
I live a blessed life but it is blessed because of the Spirit of God. I've been rich and I've been poor, healthy and sick, and had plenty of good times and bad. His Spirit is the consistent in my life, reigning above all circumstances and bringing continued blessing.
It was a rough week for my husband, as he stood and did "the harder good over the easier evil" and I am immensely proud of him. He's taking a nap with our three year old now, resting body and mind, hopefully to awake refreshed in spirit and renewed for the week ahead. Did I mention that I am immensely proud of him?


Katie said...

Hey don't know if you got my message or if mom told you, but I will be home Wed and want to stop over and see you and the kids :) Let me know if that works alright? Call me at Becky's house number, or leave me a message on my cell. Love you, see you soon hopefully!!

Me said...

Hi Beautiful Kate!
I'll be here. You really need to move out of the sticks and get cell service! (just kidding, of course.) Can't wait to see you!

Hanley Family said...

I'm glad you have peace...I'll be working toward that soon, I hope.

Me said...

Praying for peace for you, Dana! You have a beautiful family!