Friday, August 3


Why is it that so many people have issues with this very simple word? Five small letters that hold a world of meaning.

Christians too. I've found that we are hesitant to completely trust. Perhaps its the scorched taste in our mouths from previous misuse of our trust or even the worldly sting of direct and conscious efforts to mistreat and bring damage against us. The brutal fact is that the way of trust in this world is damaged.

I must examine my heart. Examine my beliefs. Who can I trust completely? A whole lot of worried and stressed people in this world live their lives barricading their hearts from God, set on the belief that He did them wrong and that He cannot be trusted. Human error and sin placed on the shoulders of God.

I have a friend whose second child was born seriously ill, missing vital organs, other ones misshapen. She did not believe in God at the time and did not believe He existed. In her unbelief and desperation, she went down and found the little hospital chapel and cried out to the God she didn't believe in on behalf of her son. Her son lived.

Even though it was many years later that she came to know Christ, she looks back and sees the hand of God in her life in those early mothering years. Her blinded eyes were opened and she saw not a God who caused her son to be born ill but a God who kept his life. A seedling of Trust in her life that had grown.

We nurture and cultivate our trust in God by feeding our spirits the nourishment of His Word. Who is God? What does the Bible say about His character? Is He a man, capable of lying?

I find the people most easy to trust in my life are the ones most intent in pursuing the character of God - my husband, a few sacred girlfriends. I love the trusting heart of the little one curled on my lap right now, patting my face and playing with my ear. Their complete trust mirrors to me how I am to trust God without hesitation, with full security, and restfully.

"Worry is telling God He's not big enough to handle things." my friend Diane


Laura said...

Thanks for this! Very thought provoking. Also, I mentioned to my husband that I saw the book "No Ordinary Home" on your blog and he surprised me by ordering it for me. I just got it today, and can't wait to read it ;)

Me said...

I hope you like the book, I've enjoyed it. I am just ordering another one titled Mitten Strings for God that I've heard is good.

Anonymous said...

Trust...the way I have come to look at it, is that we all trust.

We either trust in negative things - because we have been hurt, let down, have had those we have relied in let us down - so trust in this case is negative - I can chose to look at all of these things and "trust" that they will happen again - so I would then close myself off from others because of the negative trust.


I can look at God and His Word and who He is, and I can dwell on the positives of trusting, and I can chose to trust in a positive way.

Trust is a choice - just like love and hate and moodiness and cheerfulness... a choice - I guess it all boils down to "Choose you this day whom you will serve..." And if we make the right choice and choose to serve God, well trust goes right along with that choice.

Me said...

I agree.