Saturday, August 4

Those waves of drenching heat - finally gone. It was a hot, sticky couple of days, with the iced tea pitcher constantly running dry. This pale girl is not made for 100 degree temperatures and thankfully, the breezes are back up and running on our hill.
Shepherd Hill is quiet tonight. The last of our house guests left this morning and the return to normal simplicity has begun. Hanging lavender scented clothes on the line, pulling them in, stiff and sweet smelling when dry, scouting a favorite thrift store, children snuggled in close for stories, candlelit meals, and family walks - these simple things have filled my heart with thankfulness.

We took to the fields tonight, two of my men with their walking sticks and a fair maiden in polka dots (a wild raspberry in her mouth). The other son carefully carrying his wooden rifle Papa carved him, scouting the area for something good to hunt, taking time to pick his Mama a flower to stick behind her ear.
Eleanora in her sling, the one my Mom made for me before she was born, so great for cuddling Mama while shrilly laughing at Bear-bear, the black pooch, running the fields.

We stumbled across a patch of raspberries at the edge of a hay field, just ending their prime, with red juices running down Eleanora's face as she pantingly begged "peese, peese" for more and then nestling her sticky face in my hair for a cuddle when they were gone. The children ran on ahead, darting into tall grass and crouching down to yell, "You can't find ME!" in their sweet squeaky voices, the grasses rustling with their movements and Bear-bear happily giving up the secret hiding places with wagging tale and then bounding off to follow a new scent.
Sleepy heads hit the pillows tonight, fresh from their evening baths and ready for the Sabbath. Blessings to you and your family and wishes for a restful Sabbath,

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New Mom said...

Sweet simplicity... so refreshing.