Sunday, August 19

Panther Mountain

All I can say is I'm not as young as I once was.
And definitely not is an good of shape as I once was,
being beat up the mountain by a six year old and my ageless stepmother who is in great shape... Sigh...
It was a beautiful day and a beautiful time.
Andrew climbing (endless energy)

the cutest smooshed nose of sleeping Ella Bella

not much of a view, eh?
tending to a lost shoe
my new step mom, Pam. Not a bit of evil anywhere.

Papa and Ella
My Dad and Aiden

My Dad, whose side of the family I look like.

An even lousier view...

Miss Annaliese, having not even broken a sweat after beating us all up the mountain!

My favorite photo from the day. My Dad's hands.


New Mom said...

Gorgeous scenery and pictures. Looks like a relaxing and fun day! You are blessed to be able to share it with your stepmom and dad.

Me said...

New Mom, It was a fun day and a good workout. The mountain is short but incredibly steep!

This Journey of Mine said...

Your pics look so wonderful. And seriously with the music that you have on when you go on your blogpage, you can almost feel the serenity!


Me said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! Today I've got a bit of stomach bug and am letting the music play in the background while I try to tend our children!

Katie said...

Do you have that last pic on the walmart site? I want to print it :)

And I have to work Wed. but I get out at 5 so either way I can come to your house or get lost driving to camp haha.

Love you...hope you feel better!!

Me said...

Hi Kate! I put the picture up at walmart for you!