Monday, August 6

A Lovely Sabbath

Saturday night I finished a pot of sauce and meatballs and packed it away with a bag of homemade pasta I bought at the co-op. They have great handmade pasta at a local co-op, all lined up on the shelves by pasta shape at a very nice price (and it tastes delicious).

We headed straight up to the cabin Sunday afternoon following church for a nice meal on the long rustic plank table Sean built. After dinner, the older children ran around and played house outside. I was restless. I just cannot sit still and do nothing and so after a while Papa suggested a walk, which sounded just lovely.

Papa mentioned that he knew an easier way to the swimming hole the older children and I had found a few weeks ago.
We had heard that there were bears around and saw our first signs of them.
Prints and scat.

We also found what they must be eating. Wild blueberries. This is the first time I have ever found wild ones and they tasted great! We ate all the ripened ones and continued on, Papa hooting and hollering to scare off any bears that might be around.

Papa was right, the way we took to the swimming hole was a lot easier than walking across the beaver flats. We still walked through tall grasses over the children's heads, but it was much easier.
The day was hot, the sun blazing. The kids stripped down to undies, the littlest two to their birthday suits.

Cold and refreshing Adirondack water soothed our tired feet.
The kids loved splashing around and watching Papa do cannon balls into the water.

After we swam, we rested on the sun-heated rocks, and let our damp clothes dry.
I caught a frog which was promptly commandeered by Andrew and
went through a thorough investigation which included kissing and smelling.
What does a frog smell like? "Water," said Andrew "and fish."
Papa caught a crayfish which became the frog's playmate.

Can you see the look of terror on that frog's face?
It's alright, the crayfish had already passed on to crayfish heaven (by no fault of Andrew).

I'm happy to report that froggy enjoyed his visit with Andrew
and hopped away happily to his home afterward.

Papa thought it would be nice to build up the rocks in the shallower end of the stream, making a bridge to cross over on and keeping the swimming hole nice and deep.

We worked on it for about an hour, getting hot again in the sun. Papa and Andrew tried it out and it works very well.

We came across some beautiful flowers on our walk back to the cabin. This one, my dad said when I showed him the camera, is Cardinal Flower.


Tom said...

Wasn't Sunday a glorious day! We spent the afternoon on Moss Island at Lock 17 on the canal. The day was perfect and we got to see several boats go through the locks. I highly recommend that field trip! I need you to tell me sometime where the co-op is that you get your pasta. :)

Me said...

I've heard about that island but have never been there. Sean went rock climbing there the first year we were married with a friend. Rachel knows where the coop is, if you see her first or I'll e-mail you...

New Mom said...

What gorgeous pictures!

Me said...

Thank you, New Mom!