Sunday, August 19

It is a quiet, sweet morning here. I can see the ducks waddling across the yard below me, intent on finding their breakfast while ours, a frittata of zucchini bakes away in the oven downstairs, its smell just beginning to wafe upward to the library where I sit.

My husband is calling my Dad and Pam, my step mom, to see if they'd like to climb Panther Mountain with us today. We attended the Saturday night church service and now we're blessed with a full family day. Sunday mornings are unusually a bit crazy once at church, making sure the teachers are set and have any supplies they need while keeping track of our four children and Sean often running the children's church and I filling in for missing teachers or assistants. It was so nice just to stand in God's presence last night and worship.

Panther Mountain is one of the less busy mountains to climb in the Adirondacks, affording a beautiful view. I haven't climbed it since Annaliese was a baby. We took a group of young people up, ourselves still quite young. I think Annaliese was a week old and I remember being the first to the top of the steep incline and settling down in a quiet spot to nurse our new daughter. That's youth for you.

Today we'll take a more leisurely pace up, with a 1,2,5, and 6 year old with us.

The children are sitting around the table, eating plums and Amish friendship bread our neighbour stopped by with yesterday, and sipping water from the spring that flows fresh up by the cabin. They are wondering and discussing whether Panthers still live on Panther Mountain.

I've a picnic to pack and clothes to lay out and a breakfast to serve,

Blessings for your day,

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