Thursday, August 30

I rise with the sun
as it silently slides
over the hill
So do I
Whispers in the air
Seek guidance from Him
A Refreshing breeze
Refreshed heart
Sun settles itself
On its perch in the sky
I settle my soul
Say good bye
A family awaits
Love of my earthly life
I'm good for my day
Started with Him.


This Journey of Mine said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Hannah - the poem and the photo!!
The music on your site - "The Prayer" - was sung at our wedding, and it makes me so emotional to hear it (in a happy way, but still!) that I have to turn it off before I can enjoy your posts!!

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

very poetic, you are! peaceful.

This Journey of Mine said...

Been thinking about your organic and all natural way of feeding your family. I was wondering if you had some ideas about lunches? I totally can see breakfasts and dinners and even snacks. But lunches? What do you feed your family for lunch?

Sorry this is on your poem. But I have been thinking about it for a day or two now and just wanted to ask!!