Friday, August 10

How do we know if we've accomplished all we were meant to as the moments, months, and years go by as breaths? I'm a firm believer in setting goals for oneself, for the spiritual and natural. Ones that are prayed over, meditated on and stewed over in the crock pot of the heart. I may be a quiet woman for the most part, but my mind is continually running, my heart continually whispering....Simmer these questions over in your mind. Write your answers down in a journal and pray over them. Perhaps He'll challenge your heart with questions other than these. Seek His direction.

Are there any places you need to visit/go/live?

Is there anyone you have unfinished business with?

What do I want to see changed in my life?

What does He want to change about my character?

Are there any issues from my past that I still use? Do I hold blame, claim victim status, say, "Oh, I'm this way because....".
Who do I need to bless? In what way and how?

In regards to business and family, what growth does He want to bring?

Without sacrificing the things God has placed most important in my life, what sort of way can I minister His love outside my home?


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Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

hi hannah. i've been reading your blog for sometime now. it nice and inspiring. i'm from the Philippines also a believer of Christ and trying to live a family life based on what Christ wants. it's hard but we're trying. I'm a teacher by profession but i also run our home full time with my husband and 3 daughters. i am wishing to be a SAHM one day. but finances won't allow me yet. i hope and pray thta one day that prayer will be answered! GOD bless you!

Me said...

My husband's roommate before we were married was from the Philippines! I love the pictures of what's growing in your garden...
Thanks for introducing yourself!