Friday, August 24

How do we cultivate a home centered around Christ and welcome the presence of God into our kitchens and living rooms? Is the presence of God only found or available in the church?

By appreciating the ordinary and finding the holy in the commonplace, we begin to recognize God's hand in every aspect of our lives. I speak with a lot of mothers who lament their their walks with God seem waning or lacking since having children and often missing so much of Sunday services. I know the feeling as I've often felt that way too.

"God," my heart would cry, " I just want to stand in Your presence!"

Th attitudes I cultivate in my home and heart, the manner in which I speak, the very words that I speak, the way that I begin the day - all these affect God's presence in my home.

The wind blowing down from the back field whips the wet clothes and snaps them up and down on the line. It is hot and I'm satisfied knowing they'll dry quickly in the sun and breezes. Hanging one item at a time, watching my children play and run and laugh, my heart is filled with incredible joy and peace. I may be standing barefooted in unmowed grass, but I am standing in the indescribable presence of God.

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