Tuesday, August 21

A Day Lost

That's how I feel when spending a day sick, with a loving husband hurrying at work to come home and help with the children. I, being doubled in two with stomach cramps, managing to do some slow, comfortable schooling with the kids, a bit of sewing, and a lovely nap when Sean came home. We had another slow easy morning today, with blueberry buttermilk pancakes, the buttermilk left over from Sean making butter a few days ago. So delicious with his fresh butter and the syrup from the trees out front and the blueberries the kids and I picked last month.
A walk was in order for fresh air. The air feels like Autumn, wrapping itself around us in swirls and providing need for warm sweaters and hats.
Boys with endless energy ran up and down the hills carrying their swords, binoculars and pistols, the pink cheeks a gift from the breezes and freshness of the cool air.

We never pass this tree without the children excitedly wondering and peeking to see WHO lives inside. Mr. Squirrel with the bushy tail or Mr. Chipmunk wearing a striped suit jacket?

The golden field at the top of the hill is best for running ones hands through, close examination, and growing a devout appreciation for how God provides food.

Being back in the peaceful groove of things feels great; learning letters, reading cherished books, making home, and having a great time together looking forward to Papa's return from work.

Have a blissful day,


New Mom said...

I know it must be hard caring for children while having a sick stomach. Glad you are feeling better.

This Journey of Mine said...

Glad that you are feeling better.

The pic of your daughter with her bottle is just precious.

And oh, do I wish that I needed my kids to be in jeans and sweaters. Good grief. Its 100 down here. No exaggeration.

I just said today, I can't wait for fall, for cool mornings and nights, warm soups, candles lit, and the smell of fallen leaves.

Yea, I am ready for sweaters and jeans!

Me said...

Thanks, ladies, for your kind words! I feel so much better today!

New Mom said...

Hi Hannah,

I know this doesn't have anything to do with your post but I was wondering if you could help me out.

I noticed that your family eats a lot of organic food. I have been thinking about switching to organic for a while but have been reluctant to make the switch because of the added expense.

Just this month, I began tracking our expenditures and found that we were spending a TON on groceries. I do buy junk food and sugar cereals and other unhealthy items and I have wondered if I cut back on these foods and only kept essential ingredients around, if that would help lower my grocery bill. Although to make my own "everything" would take a lot more planning and time. I went on a mission trip to Canada and stayed with a family who did just that. She made just about everything from scratch and had just basic ingredients (flour, oil, oats, sugar, choc. chips, etc.)in her cabinets. I nearly went nuts from the lack of junk food-- seriously. But I'm thinking, "fewer ingredients, even if they are organic, means fewer dollars spent!"

Anyway, I was wondering what your take on all of this is. And if you don't mind me asking, how much does your family spend on groceries a month?

Please excuse the long comment and any typos as I am in a hurry :)