Friday, August 10


We are pretty much a candy free home.

We do indulge in good chocolate - really, really good chocolate on occasion (Hershey's doesn't qualify). And so today, when they opened the gate at the park and told the kids to "GO!" my kids set off like their pants were on fire. Why?


It is the forbidden fruit of their five and six year old lives.

I'm not a grinch. I do indulge their sweet tooth on occasion at friend's birthday parties and other times throughout the year.

Even Aiden, when he heard what was at stake, took off like a bolt of lightening.

This is the pocket of Andrew's swim trunks after I halfway emptied it into a bag.
Which Aiden grabbed up and ogled.

"Please, Mama? Please? Please? Please."

Obviously I gave in. A sucker never killed anyone. (well, maybe someone somewhere once choked on one, but anyway...)Do you see that? Look!

Sucker in one hand, fondly gazing at his tractor on the other hand? I'm telling you, that sweetheart of a face painter made his two year old day!

Then there's this one. See those heavy eyebrows? They stayed that way all morning, her clutching her sippy cup and sucker and trying to hide in the corner of her stroller.

I think these are what set her off.

My sprout has finally sprouted enough hair for..well, "sprouts" on top of her noggin. She didn't care for them so much.

Between sprout and the x-rated face painting, we (I) decided to leave the Big Fun Day.


Amy said...

Lovely pictures.

I had to giggle about your candy and chocolate preferences as we are the same way. If it is not the good stuff, it is just not worth the calories. ;o)

Me said...

I totally agree about it being "worth the calories"!

New Mom said...

What cute little "sprouts!"