Friday, August 10

A Big Fun Day

To commemorate the end of summer and the end of swimming lessons, there was a Big Fun Day at the park. We only stayed for an hour. Yep, an hour. Skipped the three legged races, balloon toss and cook out. Why? More on that later.


After swimming, Annaliese requested a butterfly from one of the many face painting girls.

It came out marvelously, complete with sparkles.

Andrew kindly requested a sword to be painted on his face. The poor girl looked flabbergasted. She consulted a few of her fellow face painters and set to work.

And that's it. Thats the only picture of his (ahem...) sword that you're going to see. Why? Let me just say it came out looking more like a portion of male anatomy than a weapon. And I hurridly whisked him away to the van, blushing and chuckling all the while. Meanwhile mothers gave me strange looks and turned to puzzingly stare at his cheek.

Earlier in the hour  Aiden had requested a tractor from a cheery face painter who said, "Sure" and set to work. I was holding my breath waiting for Christopher to tell her that the tractor has a BIG wheel in the back, but he was gracious or enamored with her friendliness and said nothing. He is the tractor expert.

He hasn't stopped gently holding his own hand or staring adoringly at it yet.

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