Sunday, July 22

Thy Mercies Are New Every Morning

After a rough night with a teething Ella-Bella, a peaceful, restful homemade breakfast with strong Earl Grey tea was just what we needed to begin our Sabbath.
Warm Swedish rye bread flecked with orange zest, a dozen scrambled eggs, juicy oranges and hearts thankful that His mercies are new every morning.


New Mom said...

Beautiful blue cake plate and napkin.

I'm wondering how you get all that done, the beautiful table set, and kids ready for church on time!?!

Me said...

Start early! And my husband and I tag team on Sunday mornings. The kids clothes are ready the night before.... That's about it! We made the bread Saturday night. We usually go to Panera Bread for breakfast on Sunday mornings but this morning I didn't think the public would be prepared to see us in all our sleep starved glory!